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MyCareerMatch is an online psychometric test that assesses personality and behaviour, particularly as it relates to career decisions and development. Psychometric tests are proven, reliable and widely used in career guidance, pre-employment, team building, management, leadership and coaching.

MyCareerMatch was founded in 2002 by Nathan Chanesman and a team of behavioural psychologist and careers counselors, and has quickly become a world leader in personality assessments for student careers and resume writing. From humble beginnings in recruitment software (helping employers find the right person for the job), we’ve developed into one of the largest student career assessment companies in the world. Because we believe the right career decisions are made early in life.

Our student career assessments are used by thousands of School Careers Advisers, Teachers, Further Education Colleges, Universities, Skills Training Organisations, Online Distance Education Providers, Youth Services, Professional Associations and Apprenticeship Trainers in Australia, New Zealand, India and the UK.

Why use psychometric personality testing for career advice?

Evidence now demonstrates the significant impact of measuring and developing personality strengths and natural talents for a happier and more fulfilling career. Numerous studies have shown that modern psychometric personality assessments like MyCareerMatch are valid predictors of future job performance and career satisfaction. Statistics show that over 75% of employers use personality and testing to aid in selection decisions as well as evaluation of personnel.  

Psychometric tests are widely used as part of the recruitment and selection process by employers and recruiters, and more often they are an important part of personal and team development. In recruitment, the purpose of a psychometric test is to assess the match between a person and a job. In team development they can be used to find out the strengths and limitations of individuals, how they fit into a team and how they can behave more effectively. From a personal development point of view, they help someone to increase their self-awareness and understand the impact of their behaviour on others. For careers advice, they present a ‘whole person’ approach to career guidance, giving students knowledge about themselves and their strengths, and directing them to careers that use those strengths.

What does MyCareerMatch measure?

MyCareerMatch helps students discover their career personality, matching who they are with what they’d love to do. MyCareerMatch uses the same assessment tools Fortune 500 companies use to find the right person for the job. Profiles are broken into 32 groups of questions. Each group consists of four statements. Students simply choose one that is most like them and one that is least. Within a few minutes of completing the profile a career report is sent via email based on their responses. Each report encourages self-discovery and provides ‘must know’ information to plan for a successful and happy future. Used from Years 7-13, it is now the leading provider of career assessment to the education market.

Is MyCareerMatch reliable and valid?

MyCareerMatch has over the past 12 years been researching and testing to develop world-class career assessment tools for the student careers market.  When you use MyCareerMatch at your school or organisation, you can be confident you are using one of the best available student career assessment tools based on ‘real world’ knowledge, experience and best practices. MyCareerMatch is a trademark proprietary product of Myprofile Pty Ltd.

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About Nathan Chanesman, Founder & CEO MyCareerMatch

Dedicated to helping young people find a rewarding career, Nathan Chanesman is a leading expert on career management and personality styles. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the MyProfile Group that includes MyCareerMatch, MyResume and JobProfile... leaders in online career, recruitment and resume assessments.

Nathan is author of ‘Take Control of Your Career … Get the right job for you’’; ‘Whatever I do I’m Gonna ROCK! ...Helping students make the right career choice”; ‘How to Write a Resume that ROCKS!; and ‘Introduction to Personality and Behavioural Analysis Training Programs’. His audio CDs include “what is the Perfect Career for You’; ‘Discover your Unique Personality Style’; and ‘Learn the Psychology of Selling More’. His latest work is the establishment of the MyCareerMatch Academy for Career Practitioner Certification.

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