MyCareerMatch Academy Online Certification


The MyCareerMatch Academy course is the most simple and economical way to master the MyCareerMatch personality assessment and become a Certified MyCareerMatch Practitioner. The knowledge gained during certification will help you understand personality styles, and how personality impacts career decisions… and much more. 

Who would benefit from certification? 

MyCareerMatch Certification is recommended for Careers Advisers, Teachers, Career Practitioners, Coaches, Career Councillors, Social & Youth Workers, Librarians, Trainers and anyone interested in building personality strengths for career success.

What are the outcomes?

As a result of completing the MyCareerMatch Academy Certification you will:

How does it work?

The MyCareerMatch Academy is 100% online. You can get your Certification as a MyCareerMatch Practitioner in a convenient online study course of 27 lessons (synopsis below) and an online exam right from your computer. Study when and where it’s convenient to you from any computer connected to the internet, including mobile. You don’t have to study in one sitting; you can spread your study over several days or weeks to suit your schedule. Your certificate is sent to you immediately you pass the online exam. 

The price is $165. If you need a Tax Invoice prior to registration, please email However, all registrations receive a Tax Invoice on payment. If you have any questions please contact us.

Course synopsis

Lesson 1:  The History Of Personality Theory And Behaviour

Throughout history philosophers, politicians, physicians and psychologists have developed theories to explain how and why the differences among people occur. Most had the goal of explaining or predicting human behaviour. Here we take a look at their insights.

Lesson 2:  What Is Personality? 

Personality is typically defined as the unique and enduring collection of attitudes, motivations, feelings, behaviours, talents and strengths that make each of us who we are. MyCareerMatch is based on these theories that address the innate nature of personality style and how this can affect career decisions.

Lesson 3:  Getting to know the four personality styles

MyCareerMatch is a psychometric personality assessment. Psychometric tests are widely used in pre-employment, team building, management, coaching, leadership and career development. In this lesson we introduce you to the four personalities and how evaluating people’s behaviour within this framework can help you better understand the psychology of career success and why personality matters.

Lessons 4-19:  The 16 Blended Styles  

There are many different personality traits that can be reliably measured and directly impact an individual’s career choices and work performance. Here you’ll learn the style dynamics of the 16 blended styles with a personality summary of each style; their work strengths summary; what they bring to a job, and the most suited career choices for each style.

Lesson 20:  Student Personalities In The Classroom

A hidden gem in classroom management is how teachers understand student personalities and how this can influence student engagement. Here we include a summary of the personalities in your classroom, including key attributes, value to the cohort, attitude and preferences, danger zones and areas for growth for each style.

Lesson 21:  Resume Writing              

We don’t have to emphasise how important a good resume is to a student. In this lesson we include modern student resume templates, checklists, resume headings, action words, cover letters examples, employability skills and examples of Personal Profile Summaries from professional resumes writers and recruiters.

Lesson 22:  Job Interviews  

At an interview, each style needs to bring out their personality strengths and watch their personality weaknesses. In this lesson we include an Interview Guide for each style, Interview Checklist, Step-By-Step Strategies, and the 10 most asked interview questions and how to answer them.

Lesson 23:  Employability Skills       

Employability skills, sometimes referred to as transferable or ‘soft skills’, are highly valued by employers and are the key personal skills you need to succeed in the workplace. Here we cover the top employability skills that employers want and why these skills are just as good an indicator of job performance as traditional job qualifications or hard skills.

Lesson 24:  The Career Personality Map        

The MyCareerMatch Career Personality Map sets out how MyCareerMatch utilizes the DPSATM method for understanding behaviour, temperament, and personality, and provides an overview of the way that each style thinks, acts, and interacts, particularly as it relates to personality styles and careers.

Lesson 25:  Personality Assessments And Career Development

Most Fortune 500 companies, and many smaller employers now use personality testing to understand who will excel at which job, and which jobs are fulfilling to which people.  Evidence now demonstrates the significant impact of measuring and developing personality strengths v interests, for a happier and more fulfilling career. This lesson explains how and why.

Lesson 26: Student Engagement And MyCareerMatch

In this lesson you’ll learn how to use MyCareerMatch as a student engagement tool to improve student confidence and self esteem, engaging students to think about themselves in a positive light. Includes the different ways you can use the tool with students from Year 9 all the way through to Year 12 and beyond, plus classroom exercises.